A reminder of your loved one

We make remembrance stones on request with a tangible reminder of your loved one. You can think of a deceased loved person, but also your deceased pet. It is possible to process a small amount of ash in the stone, or, for example, a lock of hair. This way, you retain a tangible memory that can make a substantial contribution to the grieving process.


"I am so happy with my remembrance stone. It is a lasting and tangible reminder of my father.
I look at it every day and I like to hold the stone in my hands. "


-Gerdy Staub

Our method

Contact us to discuss your wishes with us.
You send a small amount of ash or, for example, a lock of hair to us by registered mail. We have made a hole in the stone, this will be filled with what you have sent. The hole will be closed and finished in a beautiful way. The stone will be sent back to you, of course via registered mail.


Remembrance stones can be made from all hand-cast models of the stones that you can find on our website.
In already existing stones, the reminder of can only be added via the bottom. Stones made on request can be processed from both the top and the bottom and you can determine the colors and any pattern yourself.
You can find the prices of every model on the bottom of this page.
We have two types of stones: mandala stones, with a "simple" pattern and Lorienne stones with a finely worked pattern.
For the processing of the reminder in the stone, a handling fee of €45.00 will be charged, excluding the costs for registered mail.

Our different models