LG Roos Art Products stands for creativity and quality. We apply all kinds of geometric shapes and mandala patterns to various objects and provide these with beautiful colors. The work can be characterized as "dot art", pointillism and secret geometry, but is above all unique and made with love. Examples of products we make are mandala stones, bowls, turntables, but we also apply our colorful patterns to (side)tables or jewellery, such as earrings and pendants.
We only use high-quality materials.
All shapes are applied by hand and finished with varnish or hard epoxy resin for protection so you can enjoy the many colors and patterns that have been applied with love and creativity for years to come.

Take a look around on our website for all sorts of ideas and do not hesitate to leave your reaction with us via our contact form.

Laeti and Gerbrand    

A little piece of art on

all kinds of different surfaces